Starlight 35

This Starlight 34 came to us after a very heavy collision to the starboard stern of the craft. Causing structural damage, and delamination to the underwater hull in the vicinity of the rudder. The toe rail and stanchions on the starboard side suffered damage and there was extensive damage to the gel mid-ships starboard side.

The repairs where carried out inside the Eastern hangar here at Plymouth Yacht Haven, where we are based.

The damage was cut away and then rebuilt back up, the gel coat was matched to the craft to produce a seamless repair. The inside of the base of the stern locker was ground back to sound sub-straight it was then repaired and was strengthened.

Our onsite fabrication department fabricated new push pit and fabricated a new stainless strip for the stern as no part was available from the builders.

All this was completed on time and in budget completely in house.


Jen and Brian

“Thank you Peninsula Marine Services for your wonderful repair to our precious yacht! 

Not only did they have the manpower and space to take on a job of this scale, Chris and his team fitted-in few little extra jobs and dealt with the inevitable extras uncovered during the repair. The gelcoat colour matching is remarkable, making the whole repaired area indistinguishable from original. And we’re pleased with their improvised solutions for the obsolete replacement parts – making new in the metalwork-shop – or tracking them down to an Italian manufacturer, available through a French supplier.

All estimates on cost and timescales have been accurate, which made communicating with our insurer so much easier. And Peninsular worked closely with our insurer, surveyor, yard staff, riggers and other yacht owners to achieve what all parties agree is an outstanding job.

Thank you!”