We have highly experienced shipwrights with over 50 years combined experience in the industry and can work on any size yacht or boat.
We only use the best quality teak for our decks, however we do have a new ground breaking natural material at a much lesser cost and equally pleasing to the eye. We are currently the only suppliers in the UK, so you don’t need to go anywhere else. We will be happy to give a free estimate.
• Teak deck repair or replacement
• Planking replacement and repair
• Refastening and recaulking
• Frame repairs and replacement
• Strengthening
• Cabin fittings and repairs
• New fittings
• Coamings
• Toe rails
• Stem repairs
• Splining
• Varnishing
• Rot

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Eastern Hanger, Shaw Way, Plymouth PL9 9XH, UK

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  • “Chris,
    I am, again, very grateful to you for your help with Tamarind. It is a real pleasure to take her out of the water and have her next to you and know that the support is there. The lads did a really good job on the topsides and I am particularly grateful to Matt and Anthony for sorting the last minute problem with the water.
    I feel very privileged to have access to such wonderful service and I really appreciate it.”
    Thank you.
    Mervyn Wheatley
  • “What can I say on the completion of Lady Gwyneth the standard of care and workmanship. I cannot sing your praises higher, you and your lads have recreated Lady Gwyneth beyond anything I could have achieved. Even when I rebuilt her 10 years ago she looked a bit sad. Thank you my untold appreciation is beyond words.”
    Charles Patterson
  • “Peninsular Marine Services Ltd in Mount Batten was my choice to have her re fitted and Chris and I discussed the works needed. Most people would not understand my sentimentality but Chris seemed to and his advice and help was greatly appreciated.
    The team he had working on her as she was stripped down to the basic mould and then lovingly restored were great. All were skilled helpful and practical people who knew their jobs and provided practical suggestions as well as professional guidance.”