I am, again, very grateful to you for your help with Tamarind. It is a real pleasure to take her out of the water and have her next to you and know that the support is there. The lads did a really good job on the topsides and I am particularly grateful to Matt and Anthony for sorting the last minute problem with the water.

I feel very privileged to have access to such wonderful service and I really appreciate it.

Thank you.

Mervyn Wheatley


Tamarind is back on her mooring which was great and lots of people have already commented on how smart she is looking. Thank you for all the time and trouble you have taken to get her right I particularly appreciated your tactful and perfectionist but pragmatic advice. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with your team and have much appreciated their interest, helpfulness and friendliness.

I could not have asked for a more professional job or a more congenial arrangement and I am extremely grateful to you and the team.

Mervyn Wheatley

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all the hard work you and your team have put into this project. It was a great moment for me on Wednesday when Morphee finally went into the water; what made it all the more special was the fact that the work you have done stood up to the first test of being launched.

I would like to thank you particularly for over seeing the whole refit even when the work was being done by a third party. The support and service was invaluable to me and the project would have taken much longer and, no doubt there would have been more complications if you had not been there to organise and chase people up. Many thanks.

Charles Patterson

What can I say on the completion of Lady Gwyneth the standard of care and workmanship. I cannot sing your praises higher, you and your lads have recreated Lady Gwyneth beyond anything I could have achieved. Even when I rebuilt her 10 years ago she looked a bit sad. Thank you my untold appreciation is beyond words.

George Hart

During the summer, following an unfortunate incident with a crossed battery cable, we were in Plymouth Yacht Haven sorting it out. While trying to hide my embarrassment at the earlier mistake, I was explaining to Pete from Marine Systems what I wanted to do with Blue Mistress. He said, pointing to the hanger across from the marina, why not try Dicky B Marine?
A while later, Richard Banks sat in the cabin and looked around while I told him what I wanted to do and how far back we would have to go before we could move forward- and there was no way of my affording the work in one leap.
Throughout, Richard has been excellent. I often arrived unannounced and despite other work on other work on other boats, been enthusiastically shown around what had been done and what was proposed. If I was in the way, he and everyone else had the courtesy to keep it till I left! I took pictures of everything. I have sent strings of emails and attachments with ideas and changes. Believe me, it’s not the boat, it’s the owner.

Bill Whateley


Popaway is a Cobra 850 bilge keeler built in 1981. My wife and I bought her in 1992 and sailed her around the south west and across the channel to France and the channel islands regularly, before in 1999 taking to France and then though the inland waterways to the Mediterranean for 5 years. We brought her back via the Bay of Biscay in 2004 and continued to sail her back in south west waters until my wife was diagnosed with terminal cancer in 2010.
My wife died in December 2014 and Popaway had suffered from neglect until in late 2015 when I decided to have her re rigged and re fitted out.
I did not want to sell her as she had so many memories and was a safe and solid boat but she needed a lot done to her.
Peninsular Marine Services Ltd in Mount Batten was my choice to have her re fitted and Chris and I discussed the works needed. Most people would not understand my sentimentality but Chris seemed to and his advice and help was greatly appreciated.
The team he had working on her as she was stripped down to the basic mould and then lovingly restored were great. All were skilled helpful and practical people who knew their jobs and provided practical suggestions as well as professional guidance.
Fortified with many cups of coffee from Crystal, Chris and I discussed options and materials, most suited to achieve what I was trying to achieve and in the end Popaway was re launched in early May 2016 and I now have a new boat but still with all the memories. Completely rewired with new instrumentation copper bottomed and totally re painted and re decorated inside and out Popaway has been given a new lease of life. I am very pleased and grateful to Chris and all at Peninsular Marine services for all they have done and whole heartily would recommend them to anyone wanting quality professional work done on their boat..
Peter Bloxham
Sutton Marina,
Devon 2/6/16